Nor-Food Denmark ApS was established in 1991 as part of Nor-Group. The company develops, manufactures and markets natural products based on elements from plants, including natural antioxidants.

The products include such as are used for conservation and stabilisation of oxidation sensitive products in the feed, foodstuff and cosmetic industries in situations where inclusion of synthetic products like Ethoxyuin, BHT and BHA is undesirable or even prohibited.

The natural antioxidants in Nor-Food’s products are safe, effective and cost efficient alternatives to the synthetic antioxidants frequently  used in animal feeds, foodstuffs, dietary supplements, and cosmetics.

Nor-Food supplies physical products around the world, and can also transfer technical knowledge behind the products to 3rd parties Like feed manufacturers, manufacturers of foods for companion animals and manufacturers of many stabilizers and preservatices who may find it desirable to manufacture their own stabilizers and preservatives.

For further information on the company Nor-Food, and its products and capabilities please contact us on office@norfood.dk.